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Fire Watch Services

Blue Star Security provides reliable and professional Fire Watch services to ensure that properties are safe from fire hazards. With a team of trained and experienced fire watch guards, the company offers a range of fire watch solutions, including 24/7 on-site monitoring, hot work fire watch, and temporary fire alarm system installation. Blue Star Security’s Fire Watch services are designed to help clients comply with fire safety regulations and prevent potential damage or loss caused by fire incidents.

education & school security

Blue Star has extensive experience providing protection to public schools. Having worked with K-12 schools for over 12 years, we have an in-depth understanding of the unique security threats these schools face. Our service to district schools and College campuses can be either as the sole security provider or as an enhancement to the school’s current internal security program.

Our officers are thoroughly vetted, highly trained, and hold the highest standard of professional service. As part of our hiring process, applicants undergo psychological and drug screening tests in addition to an in-depth background checks equivalent to the state standard for applicant police officers which includes prior employment checks, state and federal fingerprint searches, social security and driving record checks. Blue Star is proud to employ officers who have honorably served in the military, law enforcement, and as first responders.

Construction security

Blue Star construction division’s primary mission is to strategically partner with our clients to provide an exceptional and professional construction site security level. We implement these strategies with precision and dedication to the site’s security. Blue Star guards use a vendor and visitor log-in sheet to accurately record who gains access to the construction sites. No equipment or material will be released on construction security sites without proper preauthorization.

event security coordinator

Blue Star provides event security services which include professional event security personnel, consultation, and celebrity protection for large-scale events such as concerts, outdoor festivals, and sporting events. We also handle smaller-scale assemblies such as corporate meetings and conferences. Event security focuses on controlled entry, security searches, crowd management, ushers, and theft prevention. Blue Star will analyze each engagement and provide specialized services, ensuring your event remains orderly, safe, and free of misconduct.

INvestigation Services

Blue star security is discreet, confidential, and professional with all our investigations. We are backed by years of experience in law enforcement and the military. We will investigate to get the information you need in a timely fashion. All investigations comply with local, state, and federal laws. Our investigations include but are not limited to employment background screening, employee theft investigations, fraud investigations, infidelity investigations, undercover operations, and domestic and civil investigations. Call us to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and the right actions we will take to get the desired information you are seeking.

gated community service

Give your residents that extra layer of security; allow them to feel safe and comfortable at home. Blue star security provides vehicle patrol services and posted guard services to homeowners associations and residential properties.

Security Consulting

Blue Star uses a comprehensive approach to security consulting services to ensure all security elements work collaboratively for a robust and cost-effective approach detailed to each client’s needs. Blue Star evaluations explore the interior and exterior facilities and their environment from a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design perspective. Blue Star considers site perimeter, access points, core asset distribution, physical security, electronic security, key control, guard force management, workplace violence, policies, procedures, training and more. To design a security solution outfitted for the client’s needs.

Mobile Patrol

Blue Star offers a wide range of mobile patrol services such as bike, golf-cart, or in a motor vehicle. We provide site-wide security for residential gated communities, commercial properties, construction sites, as well as addressing numerous other situations, such as alarm response and emergency response for natural disasters, with services that are customized to your needs.

Uniformed patrol officers in marked patrol vehicles can enhance safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property. Our patrol officers, combined with solutions designed specifically for our clients, ensure the continued security and safety of your residents, employees, guests and property. If an incident does occur on-site, Blue Star Security officers are trained and ready to respond immediately, appropriately and professionally.

Executive Protection

Blue Star Security provides first class 24/7 executive protection service to corporate executives, dignitaries, athletes, celebrities, and other very important individuals. Our protective services are personalized to the needs of each individual client and our dignitary protection teams consist of law enforcement and current & former military personnel. Blue Star executive protection team handles an array of security setting such as event-centered security for public appearances down to clients who simply want to live their daily lives with a minimum amount of disruption.

Video Surveillance

Blue Star takes a proactive approach with live monitoring and surveillance. Our highly trained staff monitors the exterior and interior of our client’s property to observe and report attempted crimes before they happen. We don’t wait for alarms; Blue Star lookout for and evaluate suspicious activity in real time. Our trained operators activate speakers at unwanted trespassers and they typically go fleeing off the property since they had no idea someone was watching them. In addition, call police with live reports on criminals often BEFORE they break in or do damage.

Security Officers

Blue Star offers armed and unarmed security guard services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Blue Star carefully recruits security officers to be professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Before beginning service for a client, we meet to determine the appropriate level of security needed because we understand that each client’s circumstance is unique and can evolve at any time.

Blue Star security officers must pass a thorough background investigation, including criminal, credit, reference checks, and drug screening. Blue Star officers must demonstrate good judgment and present a neat and professional appearance. Blue Star is proud to employ officers who have honorably served in the military, law enforcement, and as first responders.

Blue Star holds armed security officers to the highest level of industry standards. These officers must possess a minimum of two years of security experience and successfully complete a firearms re-qualification program bi-annually. They are also required to demonstrate knowledge of their legal authority and the limitations of an armed security officer. Additionally, Blue Star security officers are trained in crisis de-escalation, including how to take a non-violent approach using verbal skills to de-escalate a violent or potentially violent situation.

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